Friday, May 30, 2008

Raaka Lanka

Ilahduin kuullessani, että Vihreä Lanka uusi verkkosivunsa ja julistautui Suomen ensimmäiseksi vihreäksi sivustoksi. Vastavuoroisesti kuitenkin harmistuin huomatessani, että hyvästä konseptista ja kovasta yrityksestä huolimatta toteutus on jäänyt sanalla sanoen raa'aksi.

Sivusto on kauttaaltaan blogimuotoinen mahdollistaen kommentoinnin ja keskustelun. Kolumnisarjoja julkaistaan blogimuotoisena. Loistavaa! Lanka ei kuitenkaan ole vienyt verkko ei ole paperia -periaatetta loppun asti: sivustoa on kokonaisuutena mahdollista seurata RSS-syötteellä, mutta yksittäisiä blogitarjoomia, kuten Eekun mielenkiintoista Patikkaretkeä demokratiaan Nepalissa, ei ole mahdollista seurata erikseen.

Sana raaka on osuva kuvaus myös sivuston taitosta. Rakennuspalikat ovat pitkälti kohdallaan, mutta ontuva typografia ja ylitsepursuava valkoisen käyttö kadottaa rakenteen ja saa sivut näyttämään tulostusversioilta.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I take it that this play is supposed to be horrifying for real and not in the Scary Movie sort of way. If this is the case, then who in their right mind would use the almost comic Trebuchet?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Maailma on valmis

Demareiden mukaan Vihreitä ei enää tarvita, sillä demarit ovat saaneet maailman valmiiksi. Hatunnosto ja onnittelut. Kunnallisvaalit taitavatkin mennä tämän saavutuksen ansiosta demareille.

Tai sitten äänestäjät tajuavat, että matematiikan opettajasta ei tule tarpeetonta, vaikka lapsi oppisikin ratkaisemaan ensimmäisen asteen yhtälön (Anni Sinnemäki Vihreässä Langassa 8.2.).

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A letter to Channel 4

I wrote the following letter to Channel 4, the first channel to air Martin Durkin's dadamentary The Great Global Warming Swindle.


To whomever it may concern,

After seeing Martin Durkin's "documentary" The Great Global Warming Swindle, I was appalled to know that it was first screened on Channel 4. The piece is a blatant attempt to distort undisputable scientific evidence over global warming. It is completely one-sided and has no scientific credibility whatsoever. It thrives on the ignorance of the public and its very intent seems to be to mislead its audience. This is obvious to anyone at all familiar with any scientifically respectable work on global warming.

Channel 4, as the distribution forum, is on its part responsible for taking advantage of the exploitability of such propaganda. I am disgusted by your argument that "all sides of the global warming debate should be aired." Freedom of speech is not a valid excuse since this "documentary" contains heavily and purposefully distorted data – in other words, you are broadcasting lies. If you are to retain your integrity as a neutral media, I expect you to publicly disassociate yourselves from the views and claimed facts expressed in the film and stop advertising it on your web pages.

Shame on you.

Markus Koljonen

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Final Countdown

Blah I can't be bothered to post my art stuff here, I'm posting them on my Flickr page instead. So check it out.

Just 10 more days of school left... The horror... And 7 full on assignments. It's the final countdown. Or pak'n'save. Or Woolworths. Or New World. Well actually it's only nine days since I'm skipping next Wednesday to go to Whanganui National Park :> tramping and jetboating. And take some cool photos, or try to at least, with my brand new bad ass Canon PowerShot S3 IS. I had to get one to replace my old PowerShot A75 (or was it A70?) that was nicked. Fingers crossed my insurance covers that. I did report to the police.

Thursday night I opened my travel bible, the Lonely Planet for NZ. It opened my eyes, really. I still haven't been anywhere and there aren't too many weeks left.

Oh yeah and instead of doing just school stuff I spent far too many hours getting HyVi's new look published. Maybe it'll save the world etc.

Do I sound tired? I am. After these ten days I'll try my best to avoid a workload this inhumane.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hitler & Friends

Which one do you like better (if either)?

  • Patric almost burnt the house down by leaving the stove on. The ground floor was an ocean of smoke and smelled accordingly a week after.
  • Our apartment was entered last Friday. The strangest thing, their selection of loot. Michael's bike was the big deal, but I also lost my shoes, a full two-liter bottle of orange juice, my shampoo and shower soap (and possibly also a pile of CD's since I can't find them anywhere though I might have just lost them). Furthermore Patric's shoes were scattered and the front door was left wide open. I awoke with the door to my room open. Weird, strange, and, like, what the hell?
  • Meghan got a sort of a death threat from someone at school. The same guy also jokes around about butchering tutors. Made me feel genuinely afraid of a school massacre.